Zhejiang Ruihang Emergency Rescue Complete Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the beautiful "Taihu coast" - Huzhou Changxing County development zone. The company registered capital of 20 million, construction area of 5000m2, production workshop 10000 m2, with hot plate machine, Longmen milling machine, robot automatic welding machine, laser cutting machine, CNC machine tools and other automation equipment.

Zhejiang Ruihang to emergency rescue equipment industry, R & D, production, sales and service for the integration of military and civilian enterprise integration, and R & D Center for Jiangnan Aerospace Science and industry group ten yuan production base, the company main products are various function expansion shelters, emergency rescue stretcher vehicle, vehicle equipment parts, including function expandable shelter is widely used in the field of flow field headquarters, engineering construction, earthquake relief, hospitals, schools, personnel flow flow of accommodation, dining area etc.. Typical products are as follows:

A) RHBF05 expandable shelter: the state of transportation for extended shelter standard 20 foot container can be extended up. Back in the effective area of 35m2 expansion, within the effective area of 11m2 back up.

RHBF05 expandable shelter

B) RHBF03 expandable shelter: the product site only 2 people will be able to start dismantling, deployable in vehicle state and ground state.

RHBF03 expandable shelter

C) RHBF01 expandable shelter: Dimension length of the folded and the height of 20 feet standard container size, width of 20 feet container 1/2, after the start of the internal area of about 28m2, the unfolded state as shown below.

RHBF01 expandable shelter

D) RHBF06 folding shelter: the product of about two independent room through a connecting piece merger, the internal area of about 23m2. Around two rooms can be folded separately. The thickness is about 400mm after folding, and can be transported by 20 feet standard container. Each container can load 3 sets of houses. Its shape is as follows.

RHBF06 cabin right

RHBF06 cabin end

Zhejiang Ruihang adhering to the "service industry" great idea, follow the pulse of the times, with the national "The Belt and Road" development strategy, relying on scientific and technological innovation, application development is committed to the field of domestic emergency rescue equipment, efforts to promote the "army" development process, and actively participate in emergency rescue and emergency rescue work, in service to the community at the same time actively to explore the international market.

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